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Monday, July 18, 2011

New National Parks On Horizon?

The Department of Interior recently recommended to Congress the establishment of Manhattan Project National Historic Park. The Park would interpret the scientific, military, social, and environmental impacts surrounding the establishment of the atomic bomb. The potential park would include sites in Tennessee, New Mexico, and Washington state. Again, I'm honored to play a role in the potential recognition of this important aspect of American and world history.

In 1872, Yellowstone became the world's first national park. Since that time nearly 400 sites and locations have been added to the world's best park system. In Unleashing Colter's Hell, Yellowstone is front and center in this intelligent, cutting edge adventure.

Friends of National Parks Award Announced

Recently, 57 senators and 179 representatives of 111th Congress were honored for their work to protect national parks. Here in the NW more than a half dozen lawmakers received the award. I'm honored to have played a small part in recognizing these leaders.

National Parks such as Yellowstone, Mount Rainier, and the Gettysburg are physical representations of what America holds sacred. Congressional support is key to insuring our national parks are left unimpaired for future generations.

One of the core themes of Unleashing Colter's Hell, is the importance of national parks and the values and natural wonders they protect. It's good to know many in Congress understand their importance as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Draft Book Covers: Part One

Unleashing Colter's Hell is expected for release soon. The past eighteen months have been spent working on the story. It's now time to focus on other aspects of the novel like agent proposals and cover art.

A good book cover can make or break a novel. To that end, in the next two blog posts will be draft covers.

Here are the first two.

Number one is a ghosted Yellowstone park map, with intriguing marks drawn upon it. The book's title image is similar to the park stamps used in the park service passport program.

The second cover is in the style of an old leather field journal with a ranger's simple flat hat.

Which one are you more likely to pick up? Let me know what you think in the comments section.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unleashing Colter's Hell, Sean Smith's first novel out soon

Under the tranquil setting of Yellowstone National Park lies a killer, the world's largest super volcano. Yellowstone erupts roughly every 600,000 years. It's next eruption is overdue, and any present explosion would destroy America and quite possibly all of civilization. Yellowstone, or Colter's Hell, as it's historically known, is experiencing unprecedented volcanic activity, possibly signaling a pending eruption.

In Unleashing Colter's Hell, a religious fanatic sent to the Wyoming wilderness has acquired an atomic bomb to trigger an eruption and spell the end of the United States.

A lone park ranger named Grayson Cole is James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Robert Langdon rolled into one. Along with Diane Harris, a rookie FBI agent, the two are all that stand between the world and its destruction.

Unleashing Colter's Hell is a fast paced, action packed adventure. It's a sweeping story spanning the world from North Korea, thru South America, to Yellowstone the world's first national park. Colter's Hell draws upon modern science, relevant history, present technology, and current events to give the story its terrifying realism.

Look for the book to be out soon.