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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toba Super Volcano Threatened Humanity?

Yellowstone Geyser ~ NPS
An Oxford led investigation dismissed a theory that the eruption of the African super volcano Toba nearly wiped out humanity more than 75,000 years ago.  Researchers were unable to find evidence that the volcanic eruption significantly altered the global climate, therefore it likely had little lasting impact upon humanity's survival.  Impacts in the vicinity of the volcano, the researchers found would have been severe.  In some cases eruption buried the surrounding area in hundreds of yards of ash.  But lasting impacts were minimal. 

In my new thriller Unleashing Colter's Hell, I speculate on what might happen to the United States if the Yellowstone super volcano were to erupt.  The story also explores who might benefit from this eruption and how they might make it happen. 

While the Toba eruption appears to have had little impact upon humanity's survival, a Yellowstone eruption could be a greater threat to our future.  Our civilization is far more advanced than our prehistoric ancestors and vulnerable to damage from an eruption.  A Yellowstone eruption would threaten food production and distribution.  Access to other necessities such as drinkable water, medical care, and shelter could be stretched to a breaking point. 

Recent seismic activity at Yellowstone is pretty typical.  However, since modern humans have never witnessed a Yellowstone eruption, we don't truly know what might indicate pending danger. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

North Korean End Game?

April 27, 2013: Kim Jong Un is at it again. Pyongyang recent announced it will charge a US citizen with trying to overthrow the North Korean government.  This comes after North Korean denounced the armistice that kept the Korean peninsula cease fire for more the fifty years, detonated a nuclear weapon and a successfully launched a satellite into space.

In my new novel Unleashing Colter's Hell, I speculate about what may be the intent of these provocative moves. 

What are your thoughts?  Is North Korea's action all for show, or do they hide more sinister end game?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Must visit National Parks

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park ~ NPS
Fox came out with a list if seven must see national parks.  I have been fortunate to visit all of them and even worked at two.  How many have you visited?

Monday, April 22, 2013

National Park Week, Wish List

USS Arizona Memorial ~ NPS
April 22, 2013: It's national park week.  During this time, all parks waive their entrance fee.  So get out there!  Here is a list of parks I've never been to and wish I could visit this year.

Where will you be going this week?

1. USS Arizona (HI) ~ Love history, besides Hawaii looks good this time of year.
2. Katmai (AK) ~ Alaska not so much, but later this summer perhaps.
3. Rocky Mountain (CO) ~ Ashamed to say I've never been to Rocky.  Looking forward to going.
4. Big Bend (TX) ~ Heard great things about Big Bend.  The trip to reach the park sounds like half the fun.
5. Voyagers (MN) ~ Called to take an iconic canoe trip on one of the park's countless lakes.
6. Dry Tortugas (FL) ~ Another park where the trip to it would be a part of the adventure.  Also, looks good this time of year.
7. Hot Springs (AR) ~ One of the oldest parks and the one state I've never visited.
8. Isle Royale (MI) ~ The isolation and the chance to see wolves are what attract me to Isle Royale.
9. Tuskegee Airman (AL) ~ Love aviation and history.  Great park to combine both.
10. Joshua Tree (CA) ~ Again another park I am ashamed to say, I have never visited.  Got to go soon.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Research: Yellowstone volcano larger than previously thought

April 18, 2013: New research out of the University of Utah shows the magma chamber under Yellowstone national park is bigger than previously thought.  What's more, scientists believe the molten rock in this chamber is rising at an unprecedented rate displacing the surface crust.  Knowing the size of the chamber and the rate at which magma rising can help gauge the size of a future eruption. 

Past Yellowstone eruptions have buried much of the Midwest in tens of feet of ash and blotted out the sun for weeks.  If Yellowstone were to have an eruption similar to its most recent blast, it could literally be the end of the civilization as we know it.

Read Unleashing Colter's Hell for my take on what might happen if this volcano were to erupt, and who would want that to happen.

Here is a great info graphic on the geology of the Yellowstone caldera.

Source: Infographic: The Geology of Yellowstone

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book filled Bars! My new favorite thing!

April 10th, 2013: Drinking and reading, two of my favorite things combined in one place.  Who knew?  I've found my new list of places to go!  WooHoo!  I've already been to one, fourteen to go.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Author's dB Cover Contest: Vote for Unleashing Colter's Hell!

April 4, 2013: The new cover for Unleashing Colter's Hell is entered into the Author's database cover contest.  It's listed in the Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense category.  Please vote for it here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Author's db

April 3, 2013: Check out my page on the Author's database. It looks like I've arrived!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Is Anything Beyond Question?

April 1, 2013: What would happen to our democracy if aspects of our social life were deemed beyond question?  Could this happen?  It's actually happening right now.  Read my latest Liberals Unite column for more.