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Monday, August 1, 2011

Unleashing Colter's Hell: Book Covers Take 2

In a previous post, draft book covers for Unleashing Colter's Hell were provided for feedback. In this post are two more covers. Like the first, these covers hint at the novel's intrigue and action.

The first cover is in the style of a movie poster, with symbols and images portraying major story elements.

The second leaves more to the imagination with a simple park service arrowhead covering a nuclear radiation symbol and 50 caliber sniper rifle ammunition.

Of the four draft covers, which one most catches the eye? What elements of these covers should be kept? Changed? Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Thanks to all those who have already sent their ideas.


  1. Of all 4, I really like the second one pictured here, but I think 3 different fonts on the cover is too many.

  2. Too much in both. Less is more. I vote for the second one if you remove the nuc sign