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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A tough but rewarding slog

As many of you know, the creative process behind my writing my new novel "Unleashing Colter's Hell" has been a tough slog. But as I near the end of the process and get ready to publish, I'm able to look back and also see how rewarding the entire journey has been as well.

In thinking back about the writing of the book an obvious linear path is apparent. I got an idea, started to outline the plot, fleshed out the characters, wrote a first draft, gave to test readers, rewrote the story, resent to readers, found an editor, talked to agents, sought advice of other writers, designed a book cover, developed a marketing plan, and on and on and on. However, this linear pattern is only now visible as I look back on the process. Two years ago, as I stood at the beginning of my journey, I had no idea how I was to get from idea to finished book. But I've learned that's okay. As David so wonderfully writes in his Truly Powerful people blog, the writing process was a one step at a time process. Setting out on the journey, taking the first step was more important than knowing where I'd end up or even how I'd get there.

One of the best things I did however, was to hire David Robinson, a life coach to help me through the creative process. We met regularly to go over my successes and challenges, identify next steps, and check off completed tasks. His write up of the process can be found here. I'd recommend David to anyone considering a book or other creative endeavor!

Thanks David for your help! Your guidance and encouragement kept me going!

Look for the book shortly!

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