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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

North Korean Attack on US! Fact or Fiction?

North Korea is at it again.  This week the North Korean government uploaded a YouTube video supposedly showing an attack on a US city resembling New York.  Defense experts all agree that North Korea does not possess the ability to strike the east coast of the United States, however with the recent North Korean rocket launch the country may now have the ability to hit cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle.  Couple this with the Pyongyang's recent announcement that it would soon test detonate a nuclear device, US officials are rightly concerned.

But would North Korea be so stupid as to strike the United States with nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles?   Missiles that could easily be traced back to the host country and invite a massive response from the US military.  Even the leaders in Pyongyang aren't that mad.  Yet, they obviously want to inflict devastating damage upon this country.

The premise of Unleashing Colter's Hell my new thriller set in Yellowstone national park, is that North Korea has provided al Queda with the weapon to inflict this fatal blow.  A strike that couldn't be traced.  Sound impossible?  Pick up a copy of Unleashing Colter's Hell today and read how easy it just might be.

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