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Saturday, May 18, 2013

North Korea: Crying Wolf or Playing Possum?

May 18, 2013: North Korea recently launched several short range missiles into the Sea of Japan.  We have come to expect provocative action from Pyongyang. Here are a few of their more recent head scratchers. One, two, three. So many, one actually forgets them all.

Block 1B interceptor missile US NAVY
Experts claim the missile launches are aimed at increasing tensions to move "things" in the direction North Korea wants.  But what does North Korea want?  That is the real question.  What is the aim of all the escalating tension?  Is it to increase foreign aid, reduce the world's economic embargoes, exert influence on the world stage, or could they hide a more sinister intent?

Yet, the endless North Korean fire alarms seem counter productive.  Pyongyang's runs the risk of being seen as the boy who cried wolf.  But could this be Kim Jong Un's plan?  Lull the west to sleep with an seeming endless parade of crisis, only to hit us when we are unaware?

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