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Monday, May 26, 2014

Help Pick a cover for Lost Cause!

May 25, 2014: Help us pick the cover for Lost Cause, the new Grayson Cole thriller. Please fill out our short survey and let us know your choice!
Look for Lost Cause on Amazon and other bookstores this Fall. In the mean time, pick up Unleashing Colter's Hell, the exciting prequel to Lost Cause. 
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  1. I like #2. #1 is too dark, and the others don't look professional enough (to me.)

  2. I like #1, but I'd try and bring up the brightness a bit in the center panel.

  3. I like image 5 except as far as I know the Civil War battlefields were no where the Buffalo roamed...

  4. I like # 4 but only if you change the red to white in outside of "LOST CAUSE" and white letters in "A NATIONAL PARK THRILLER".That would look great!

  5. I like the first best. If you want, maybe you could consider the tag "the south could rise again" - since the other is a commonplace phrase. My own opinion only. Great job on finishing your book!

  6. I like #5 the best. The other's seem run of the mill.

  7. I would have an interest in reading a book with #5 as the cover. Numbers 1 through 3 seem to be more spy thriller. I like number 4, but it looks more like a historical novel. Number 5 is the only one that, in my opinion, conveys the theme of a National Park Thriller.

  8. # 4, andagree with Ramon on the white!

  9. Keep trying. Not quite there yet, I think.