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Monday, July 14, 2014

Should taxpayers fund confederate memorials?

July 14, 2014: The state of Georgia is considering a request that it fund the construction of confederate war memorials.  Opposition to the idea is based upon the fact that Georgia's secession ordinance of 1861 makes clear Georgia left the Union to preserve slavery.  Supporters of the use of taxpayer funds for the memorials say not so, besides Georgia left the Union to preserve states' rights and southern pride.

So, despite the objections of confederate apologists, the historic record makes clear the confederacy's primary motivation for leaving the Union was to preserve slavery.

But even if the south seceded to preserve states' rights, so what? The fact is confederates pulled 11 states out of the Union and took up arms against the United States' constitutionally empowered government. 

So, either way the confederates' actions were treason and should not be memorialized with taxpayer funded monuments.


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  1. I do not know if this is a real issue or something you created for the book. Your writing indicates you are an intelligent man, so I must point out the fallacy in your rationale leading to the judgment that the actions of the CSA were treasonous. The United States took up arms against the constitutionally empowered government of Britain. What is the difference? Since the U.S is a nation of traitors, by your listed qualifications, then all U.S. monuments should be banned. I am being rhetorical to engage thought. The difference between the two parties is that one group won a war and the other did not. Had Britain won the Revolutionary War, George Washington would be Benedict Arnold....

    I am not flaming, by the way, as no anger is associated with my response. Allow me, however, to encourage you to consider the logic of the argument. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Not sure about the compact between the Colonist and Great Britain. What I do know is the constitution forbid arm overthrow of the federal government. Their is no argument that the confederates took up arms against the constitutionally empowered government of the United States in an attempt to break up the Union. By definition that is treason. Whether the confederacy won or lost makes no difference, the act of treason is the same.