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Sunday, February 22, 2015

And the Oscar for Best Setting goes to...

Tonight in Southern California, Hollywood celebrates the 87th Academy Awards ceremony.  While most Oscar fans wouldn't normally think to put the national heritage and tinsel town together, many of our favorite movies are set in national parks.

Here is a listing of my all time favorite movies set in national parks.

1. Star Wars ~ Death Valley National Park
2. Indiana Jones, the Last Crusade ~ Arches National Park
3. Close Encounters ~ Devil's Tower National Monument
4. Forest Gump ~ Glacier National Park
5. Gettysburg ~ Gettysburg National Battlefield
6. JFK ~ National Capitol Memorials and Monuments
7. Star Trek V ~ Yosemite National Park
8. National Treasure ~ Independence Hall National Historic Park
9. Dances with Wolves ~ Badlands National Park
10. Planet of the Apes ~ Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Tonight's Academy Awards will present statues in 24 categories from Best Movie to Best Make up.  Perhaps its time for a 25th category, Best Setting.  The national parks would likely win ever year.

What are your favorite movies shot in national parks?

Sean Smith is a former Yellowstone Ranger, and an award winning conservationist, TEDx speaker, and author. He writes national park thrillers from his home in the shadow of Mount Rainier National Park. To learn more about his conservation work and novels, follow him on twitter: @parkthrillers

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