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Friday, May 8, 2015

My National Parks Bucket List

Isle Royale Ray Dumas
With the official start of summer only a few weeks away, I started thinking about my upcoming national park
trips. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I'm blessed to make my home within a few hours ride of nearly a dozen national park units.  A summer trip to Mount Rainier is already set. My pondering this summer's adventures triggered thoughts about other parks I'd like to visit before I kick the proverbial bucket.

Here's my short list of must see parks. They include historical sites and natural wonders. The parks are located far and wide from Hawaii to Florida. They are big and small. But all share one thing in common, they are all places I've never visited which hold my attention.

The USS Arizona HI
Isle Royale MI
Dry  Tortugas FL
Hot Springs AR
John Day OR
Big Bend TX

What are your bucket list parks?

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