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Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Full Measure of Devotion

This Monday is Memorial Day, a national holiday to honor and remember those who have died serving in America's armed forces.

To most, national parks protect some of America's most iconic wildlife and scenery. Yet, the National Park System also protects and honors the legacy of some of America's hallowed battlefields and bravest soldiers, including Minute Man NHP, Gettysburg NMP, and the World War II Memorial.

To mark the day, the National Park Service holding several events. While we can never fully thank those that as President Lincoln stated "gave the last full measure of devotion," we can at the very least never forget their sacrifice.

Last Full Measure

Sean Smith is a former Yellowstone Ranger, and an award winning conservationist, TEDx speaker, and author. He writes national park thrillers from his home in the shadow of Mount Rainier National Park. To learn more about his thrillers click here or follow him on twitter: @parkthrillers

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