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Friday, October 14, 2011

Grayson Cole, Park Ranger, Jack of All Trades

Grayson Cole, the central character in the upcoming novel Unleashing Colter's Hell, is a park ranger in Yellowstone national park. Park visitors often expect park rangers to serve as wildlife experts, emergency responders, and law enforcement. But Rangers are often called upon by park visitors to be therapists, travel agents, and restaurant critics or in reality a jack of all trades. The recent hiring of a new Superintendent at Mount Rainier details some of the varied expectations on a park ranger.

I wrote Unleashing Colter's Hell to entertain, to tell a good story. Yet through telling a good story, I also hope to educate readers on the pressures and demands park rangers face everyday as they work to protect our national heritage.

What expectation do you have of park rangers?

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