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Monday, October 24, 2011

Yellowstone Volcano Patiently Waits to Unleash Devastation

At the heart of Unleashing Colter's Hell, a new novel by Sean Smith, is the Yellowstone super volcano. A volcano that few know about, but when it erupts will destroy the United States as we know it. According to scientists, the volcano unleashing its destructive fury every 600,000 years. The next eruption is overdue!

The earth's core is a chaotic place, volcanoes grow and rattle nearly every day alerting us to pending danger. Yellowstone is no different. Fingers of molten rock thrust toward the surface patiently waiting for the right moment to spew hell on earth.

In Unleashing Colter's Hell, a lone terrorist has acquired the means to trigger an eruption. A park ranger and rookie FBI agent are all that stand between salvation and Armageddon.

Look for the book this winter.


  1. Can't wait to get hold of this book. Will it be published in electronic form?

  2. Hey Harriet. Yep, its going to be available electronically. Hope to have it out in the next few months.