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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top Park Ranger Honored

The National Park Service announced the recipient of its top ranger award. The Harry Yount Award goes to the national park ranger who best performs a wide range of duties from resource protection to serving visitors. This year's winner is Lisa Hendy of the Grand Canyon.

As stated in a previous post, national park rangers must be "fluent" in many skills. Grayson Cole the lead in Unleashing Colter's Hell is no different. Ranger Cole is required to protect public safety, conserve park wildlife, know relevant natural and cultural history. Oh yeah, Grayson is required to relate this information to the public in an easily understandable way. No easy task.

Like Grayson, real rangers interact with countless park visitors everyday protecting them from unseen dangers, as well as providing information on nearby don't miss attractions. It's all in a typical day for the men and women who wear the "green and gray."

Do you have a good story about a positive experience with a national park ranger? Tell us about it.

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