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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Does America have an Achilles Heel?

In Unleashing Colter's Hell, my new political thriller, the plot centers around a terrorist attack at Yellowstone that could lead to the death of the president and quite possibly the destruction of the United States.  It couldn't happen here many say.

Well, the Internet is abuzz today with news of a foiled terrorist plot to kill the president and overthrow the government.  The alleged scheme included several members of the U.S. military who planned to seize an army ammo dump, blow up a dam and poison the food supply.

In Unleashing Colter's Hell, the story hinges on a single man who with limited resources has the ability to inflict a massive blow that might ultimately lead to the destruction of the United States.  A bee sting to take down a bear in other words.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying that no foreign force would ever conquer America.   If we are to fall the threat, the 16th president stated would come from within. 

Yet is America truly that vulnerable?   Could committed individuals take down the country and destroy what has taken more than two centuries to build?  What do you think?

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