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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will the United States end at Yellowstone?

CNN is running a story today on the threat posed by the Yellowstone super volcano. A Yellowstone eruption, even a minor one like that which occurred 640,000 years ago would dwarf any volcanic eruption humans have ever witnessed.  Tens of thousands of people would be killed instantly, while hundreds if not millions more would die in the weeks and months to come.  Depending upon prevailing winds, much of the entire mid-west could be buried under dozens of feet of ash.  The earth's climate would significantly cool, taking years to recover.  Meanwhile crops across the globe would fail, as the sun would be blotted out for months by the massive ash cloud.  According to Physicist Michio Kaku an eruption would destroy the United States as we know it

It's terrifying and sounds like the plot of a novel, which it is.  In my new novel Unleashing Colter's Hell, a terrorist has acquired an atomic bomb with the intent of trigger an eruption of the Yellowstone volcano.  Grayson Cole is a park ranger who along with Dianne Harris a rookie FBI agent are all that stand between the world and Armageddon.

Scientists with the United States Geologic Survey, the National Park Service, and state and private universities are keeping a close eye on Yellowstone.  Volcanologist believe a Yellowstone eruption would give warning through increased earthquakes and gas venting, as well as massive land displacement.  Thankfully, no abnormal activity is taking place today and no pending eruption is predicted.   But one must remain forever vigilant.

What do you think?  Are you worried about a Yellowstone eruption?

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