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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

National Park Thriller "Unleashing Colter's Hell" Now Available On Amazon

DATE 8/29/12

Contact: Tommy Hough

National Park Thriller "Unleashing Colter's Hell" Now Available On Amazon
Former Park Ranger Sean Smith Releases First Novel

Seattle, Washington – The first novel from former Yellowstone National Park ranger and parks advocate Sean Smith is being made available today on Called Unleashing Colter's Hell, the book is receiving strong reviews from not only fans of parks and outdoor literature, but also mainstream fiction and thriller readers accustomed to the pacing of Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy.

A taught, gripping page-turner, Unleashing Colter's Hell is also a thought-provoking and timely thriller, tinged with an unnerving ring of truth. "I loved it!" said former Capitol Hill staffer Tom Hill. "This is the epitome of summertime beach reading, made all the more compelling by the plot’s real-life disaster scenarios creatively pulled into one streamlined super-threat."

Under the tranquil setting of Yellowstone National Park lies a killer: the world's largest super volcano. The Yellowstone Caldera erupts roughly every 600,000 years, and according to scientists and seismic experts, the next blast is long overdue. A present-day eruption would destroy much of the central and eastern United States, and quite possibly western civilization.

In Unleashing Colter's Hell, a religious fanatic armed with a nuclear device is sent to the Yellowstone wilderness to trigger an eruption and spell the end of the U.S. Veteran park ranger Grayson Cole, along with Dianne Harris, a rookie member of the FBI's domestic terrorism task force, are the only two who stand between the world as we know it and certain Armageddon.

"Unleashing Colter's Hell will give campers and politicians plenty of reasons for sleepless nights this summer," said Tommy Hough, host of the Treehuggers International radio program. "Sean Smith uses superb storytelling, park and outdoor experience, and keen political insight to tell a plot-twisting, action packed adventure."

With a story spanning the world from North Korea, South America, to Yellowstone, Unleashing Colter's Hell draws upon science, history, technology, and current events to deliver a story with terrifying, tangible realism. "Unleashing Colter's Hell is a gripping rollercoaster of a story, ideal for someone looking for a great read while traveling to National Parks," said Debbie Bird, former National Park Service Superintendent. "Sean has accurately captured the work of Park Service rangers at Yellowstone, the world's first national park, which is even more reason to read this book."

Available now on and other on-line outlets, paperback versions of Unleashing Colter’s Hell are $9.99, and Kindle copies are $4.99.

Check back at Sean Smith's website for information on Sean's book tour appearances and readings, and to order a limited edition signed copy of Unleashing Colter’s Hell from author Sean Smith.

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